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Falling - Kailin Gow Falling picks up right where Fade lets off. I don't want to spoil anything so I will try and be as vague as possible. Celes still waffles back and forth between Jack & Grayson (I am team Jack!), though it seems like she finally makes a choice, and is leading the other on. There is much less skimming over story in this book, and you are with the team every step of the way. There is a part that I felt could have been explained better, where someone is in a impossible situation, then pops up without explaining how they got out. I like to know things.Celes feels like she gets some answers as to how she is different, and if she is alone in her quest for knowledge. There were some statements that directly contradict statements in the first book relating to what she is, but then it all becomes a moot point anyway.Again, this book leaves you on a cliffhanger, wondering what will happen, who is the bad guy, and how will they get out of this one?