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My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent Wow this book made me feel a range of emotions. Rage, hurt, hope, anxiety ... Kinda glad it is over, not sure I could take much more of that!I am going to start this review with a story of my own …Back when I was in high school I was not popular but not picked on either. It was a pleasant experience overall. BUT (you know there was a but) I had a nemesis. We will call her M. I doubt she reads this, but I don’t want to call her out JUST in case. Anyway, M seemed to go out of her way to steal my boyfriend. Inviting him out, excluding me, showing up at his house, buying him gifts – all under the pretense that ‘they had been friends for years’ – uh huh, not falling for it. It stressed me out and pissed me off and I was glad when I graduated, went to college, said boyfriend and I broke up, and I moved on with my life. I hadn’t thought about M in a really long time.The reason I am telling you this story, is because this book threw me right back to the days where dealing with M was a daily occurrence. This whole book made me anxious and angry and upset. My chest felt tight and while I couldn’t put the book down I was dreading picking it up at the same time. Whoa. That’s never happened to me before.I would call that a win in my opinion. A book that takes you back to a time in life and makes you re-live all those same feelings is well written. Stressful as hell to read – but well written.As I have come to expect from Vincent the whole cast of characters were fleshed out and true to form. There are some character shifts which I am looking forward to seeing fleshed out in the next book or two.