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Uprising - L.M. Pruitt I LOVED Winged. It was such a unique book, with a different idea about angels and the afterlife. Book two, Uprising, picks up right where Winged left off. And it did not disappoint. Based on the way things ended, I had a lot of ideas where Uprising was going to go. I wasn't entirely wrong however I wasn't entirely correct either. Which I like. The more I read the harder I am to surprise, but this series does it.Raphael keeps pissing me off however. I LOVED him so much in Winged, but in this book he continually needs to either grow a pair or suck it up. He is such a smart guy but when it comes to Jo and his relationship he is such an idiot. I want to kick him in his teeth from almost the beginning of this book.However I love Jo. No I don't agree with every choice she makes, but I can still love her as a person. She is stumbling through this "life" with little to no knowledge of what she is supposed to be doing. What side she should be on. And when shit starts to hit the fan, she doesn't know who to trust. I was right there with her, and had no clue who she should rely on.Overall, while this book was still pretty fabulous, it almost felt to be missing ... something. It could be that the first book was SO unique, that this book suffered from second book syndrome, but I am still going to move right into book 3, Lost, and see what happens.