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Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts, #1.5) - Stacia Kane ALL THE STARS!Review closer to release day, but I will leave you with a quote ..."Thinkin people still be scared on me, I standing back here lookin all happy?" ... "Maybe you should take up knitting." She sipped her beer. "It's hard to be scared of somebody while they're knitting.""Aw, naw, don't tell nobody on that, aye? Got people sellin blankets I'm making in the Market."You are welcome. What can I say - I've not read anything new in the Downside world in a while, and it is just like riding a bike. You hop on, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride of your life (and you can read whatever innuendo into that you want - it would be appropriate).This story takes place between Unholy Ghosts and Unholy Magic, and it is all in Terrible's POV. I felt like a cat in a field of catnip, and wanted to just roll around in his mind and make myself comfortable and just stay there. He'd just slapped together a cold steak sandwich later that day when his phone rang.When I found out Kane was writing this novella, months ago, some friends and I joked with her that it didn't matter WHAT he was doing, we would read it, and love it. Somehow we all wrote a scene on twitter about him making a sandwich, and speculating what kind it would be. Steak, of course. I said roast beef, which is close. ;-) He was careful not to sit too close. If he sat too close he might forget and touch her, like resting his hand on her knee or some shit. Hard to remember sometimes that she weren't his, that just cause he wished she was and sometimes felt like she was, ain't meant she was for real.Of course my favorite parts were his interactions with Chess. I knew how he felt, having read all the other books in this series many times, but I didn't know, you know? Holy crap, he made my heart hurt all over again. There is a difference between knowing and knowing. And being in his head you know. Trouble was, every fucking time he saw that look in her eyes, every fucking time he saw her frown like that, it got harder and harder not to tell her to write down a list of names for him. Every single name she had a recall on, causen he wanted to hunt em all down one by one and make sure they knew why as they died.I have MAD LOVE for Kane and this series. If this is your first time at the blog, stick around for a minute. This won't be the last time you hear about it. If you've been here before then you know. I'll be the first to tell you, this series is not for everyone. It is dark. It is gritty. It deals with drugs, murder, magic, low self-esteem. The hero isn't a pretty boy, and the heroine doesn't (or at least hasn't yet) had a major turn around where she realizes how awesome she is. BUT, all that being said, you should try it. The world is so ... I don't have the words. Beautiful and horrible. The people are disgusting and heartbreaking, yet loveable.I could go on and on. And on. But I will stop. Just trust me, this book, this series, is worth your time. Would I steer you wrong?