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Surface - Tiffany Daune Surface has a great premise. You don't see stories about mermaids and Sirens very much in books for some reason. And maybe that's because they are hard to pull off. It is hard to imagine beings living under the water, breathing the water, with all those atmospheres pressing down on them but still able to breathe the air.There are several story-lines you have to follow while reading this. Dumas and all his people, Theia whom I would consider the main character, Celeste, Madeline, Luc, Hugh ... it just seems like there is too much switching back and forth. All the story-lines do come together at the end but they don't wrap up like I felt they should. BUT ... I did feel anxiety for the characters and really wanted everyone to end up with their happily ever after.Speaking of happily ever after ... INSTA LOVE. *shakes fist* It is so not needed. I get like/lust/attraction at first sight, and maybe because these characters go through a traumatic event together they feel love for one another, but seriously, 2 days?This story did keep me entertained, though not always invested. I would suggest this as more of a mid-grade book rather than YA, but the violence that occurs pushes it into YA category. A solid 3 stars.