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There Comes A Prophet

There Comes a Prophet - David Litwack Actual Rating: 3.5I went into this story with no expectations, this being Litwack's first published novel. However I was not disappointed. He takes you on a journey with Nathaniel, Thomas, and Orah, from innocence to world changers.There Comes a Prophet is a story about how even the best of intentions can go horribly wrong. And how problems can actually be solved without violence and bloodshed. There are many parallels with our own society shown in the story. It is certainly a good book for young people to read, to start discussions on how things could change for the better and how things could change for the worse.Really my only complaint is that it should have been made into a trilogy, with all the obstacles the characters had to overcome being as large as they were. I would have liked more details and insight into the characters, more information and time at the keep, and less glossing over the passage of time. The whole book takes place over a year, but the passage of many of those months is glossed over. If you've read my reviews before, you know I am a sucker for more information. :-)