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Mad World: Epidemic: 1

Mad World: Epidemic - Samaire Provost Let me start by thanking the author for giving me a copy of this book to review for the upcoming book tour.Now, let me really start with the only thing I didn't get ... the cover. What's with the lightening? It has nothing to do with the story. It is a cool picture ... but really?Ok, now that that is out of the way, onto the important bit, the whole book! When I first started reading I was honestly a little nervous I wouldn't like it. It seems a bit ... silly? Too serious? I know that is a contradiction but I wasn't feeling it ... until they get back to California. Then the craziness starts, and just never stops. People DIE.And I am one of those soul-less people that could care less about people dying in books & movies, but I actually shed a tear or two. Seriously, just ... just read this, as someone lay dying: "We are all here, we love you and we are not going to go anywhere. There are things happening that we cannot stop, but nothing can stop our friendship. Nothing can stop our love for you. Whatever happens. Whatever comes. We will stay with you."*Sob* Then that person dies. They are not the first, nor are they the last.I also feel I should warn you, there is some pretty nasty gory parts to Epidemic. I have a strong stomach so was not phased, and felt it actually enhanced the reality of what was going on. But I know some of you out there in the internets are bothered by things like blood and guts, so be warned; it is a zombie book so there are blood and guts.So yeah, gory, death filled, and small rays of hope all mix together to make a perfect storm in Mad World: Epidemic. If you like to read about the world starting to crumble, and zombies, then read this book.