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A Blood Seduction

A Blood Seduction - Pamela Palmer Damn damn damn! Quinn is a scientist. As such, she has been looking for a logical explanation for all the odd things that have happened to and around her throughout her life. Such as her clothes changing color & seeing things that aren't there. Or at least things she think aren't there.Through a series of unfortunate events, Quinn and her brother end up in Washington V.C., Vamp City. It is a near exact replica of D.C. from the 1800's, only without sunshine and more wear and tear. Almost immediately they are attacked, and we meet Arturo, who ends up being the "hero" of the story.Why the quotation marks? He is not your typical hero. As in, he is not 100% good. I would say he is a 50/50 mix of good and bad. I've seen him described as "the lesser of two evils" and I would have to agree. You love him, you hate him, you loathe him, you forgive him, you want to punch him in the crotch, then you want to kiss it all better him. :-) By the end I was so torn, but still forgave him. He is a true vampire.Quinn is pretty bad-ass herself. She never ever gives up. Ever. There were times I as a reader wanted her to give up, if only to make things easier for her, but she didn't listen to any of the advice I screamed at her. Stubborn characters not listening to me. What are they thinking? I can see this metaphorical train is going to crash and am yelling for you to jump but NOOOO, you know better. Fine then, be that way.And the world building ... I've never been to D.C. but I could clearly picture V.C. in my mind. It was a sad, terrifying, beautiful place to visit. I CANNOT wait to go back for more in June, which is when the sequel, A Kiss of Blood, is set to release.Before I go, I do feel like I should warn you: this is a city of vampires. And they do some horrific, disgusting, demented, nauseating things to their food. It can be hard to read. But it made the vampires more terrifying and the stakes (ha!) even higher.