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Fallen Angels - Judith Post This book gives an interesting spin on the vampire origin mythology. An Angel, bad enough to be cast out, but not quite bad enough for Hell, ends up on Earth. Trying to fill that void left behind he starts drinking human blood, which in turn makes vamps.But that isn’t where the book starts. It follows Enoch (mostly), an angel, through trying to help his friend Danny, a detective, solve some grizzly murders. The vamps don’t actually get involved until later.It took me a while to get into this book. It just seemed to start of slow. Ok, there is a murder. Everyone is upset. The MC (main character) is some sort of supernatural creature (supe). Ok, another murder. You find out more about the MC. Once I got through that first half though, it really picked up for me. That is when the supes really seemed to get involved in the story.Of course there is a love interest. And they do have sex. Some of those scenes were just hinted at,“Come on angel. I know how celebrate anniversaries.” He swooped her into his arms. He knew a few traditions too.And that’s fine. What bothered me, and I won’t quote it so as to not offend anyone’s sensibilities, was that the author did attempt to write a few “love” scenes out, and they seemed really rushed. Like she was uncomfortable with the whole thing. I get it, we aren’t all good at writing sex scenes. So just allude to them and get back to what you are good at, telling a story.Also, the MC seemed a little too powerful. There was never a chance he was going to lose. Maybe someone he was working with or cared about would, but he is Immortal in the true sense of the word. He cannot be killed. He therefore has no weakness. Which makes it hard to feel anything in common with him. Not that I think I am an angle by any means. ;-)Overall, I would have to give this 3.5 out of 5 stars. I really did enjoy the story. I didn’t feel like it wasted my time and I don’t want those hours back. It wasn’t a I-can’t-put-this-down-to-do-anything book, but I would recommend it for an easy, yet longer read.