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Grave Morality - J.C. Finch Let me start this by saying I don't usually read crime mysteries that don't have some sort of paranormal twist. I got this book having no clue what it was about and jumped in with both feet. And it was ok. Not mind blowing, except for the fact I had no idea who the killer was. And that last chapter, the Epilogue ... oh man. Maybe we were wrong about who the killer was?This is one of those books that jumps from character to character, which I sometimes have a hard time following. It took me almost half way through the book to figure out who the main characters even were. They are not introduced until about 1/3 in.I was also left with several questions; how did the killer get the information on the people? How were the crimes actually committed? The killer did not appear to be very intelligent once you discover who it was, yet the killings were very elaborate. Was there an assistant we do not discover? And why was the guy eavesdropping in the police station? I think there are some side things that happen, that are never revisited, that either needed to be elaborated on, or left out. As it is, they didn't add to the story. Like, for example, the kidnapping. Or, as mentioned above, the eavesdropping.One last thing, in the copy I received, there were several typos. I know I am not perfect and make mistakes, however at the same time they DRIVE ME CRAZY! Nothing takes me out of a book faster than trying to figure out what was really meant, because a word was missing, or then was typed as the.All that considered, I will still give this book 3 stars. Anytime I am not able to figure out the killer, or even have any clue who it is until the big reveal, I consider that a win.