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Crimson Midnight (Crimson, #1) - Amos Cassidy I apologize in advance if I talk in circles. I am still trying to wrap my head around this book. and to talk about it WITHOUT giving away the ending will be extremely difficult, because … well damn. Seriously. Damn.This book has every supernatural creature, or at least the possibility of every supernatural creature, in it. Vampires (that don’t sparkle and cannot go in the sun), werewolves (that don’t have to change at the full moon, but have to change on a regular basis), demons (yeah, you can’t really make them any different), witches (again, pretty standard), and other creatures that I won’t name, because they may or may not show up later on!Overall, the book was good. It is definitely not for everyone. Several of the characters are gay. Openly gay. Gay clubs, men admiring men, men kissing men, but that is a graphic as it gets. I am obviously ok with that, but if you aren’t don’t read this book. If you are, then read this book dammit! I need someone I can discuss the end with … at length. Like WTF happened? And what … AGH!Also, it takes place mostly in London, which I am obviously not from. Some of the language and dialect are a little unfamiliar to me. I easily figured out that “Do you want another cuppa?” meant “Do you want another cup of tea?” I am so smart sometimes. :-)Rose is the main character. She survived an attack at 15, and came out of it stronger. She is moving to the big city for a change and to teach self-defense classes at a gym. As I am sure you can guess, at some point she manifests some sort of crazy powers. I had a theory early on as to what she is, but I am not going to tell you. If you REALLY want to know, shoot me an email and we can discuss.So I was torn as to whether or not I wanted Rose and Roman to get together. In the end it didn’t matter what I wanted, the authors (yes there are two!) took it where they wanted it to go. I mean he is kind of a jerk. AND they live under the same roof, AND he has a girlfriend, who becomes a good friend of Roses’, AND … well, there are other reasons. But their attraction is strong. And they really do care about each other.My favorite character in the whole book is Raven. He does do something about half way through that is pretty mean, but I can still forgive him. He is that big, strong, silent, sexy, gay man who you just want to snuggle up with on the couch and tell him it will all be ok; while inside you are screaming “WHY ARE YOU GAY?!?!” Damn. Too bad I suppose for us ladies.But what I really want to talk about is the mind-blowing ending. Seriously. Rumor has it the second book should be out sometime this fall, and I NEED to read it! Did ______ really happen? What is going to happen to ______?Anyway, after reading this book I would give it a solid 4.5 stars. Why not 5? For me, there were just too many characters to get as emotionally invested in them as I wanted. Not that I didn’t care about them, but once you get past 5 or so, for me anyway, it is a little difficult to keep them all close. Not that I want to see any of them killed off, don’t misunderstand. I just really like to be able to focus my emotions on a small handful, rather than a large group.