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The Dark Horde - Brewin Let me start by saying I don't scare easily. I generally only watch scary movies, my favorite of all time is Event Horizon, if you've never seen it, you really really should. Anyway, I digress ... like I was saying I don't get scared easily. Especially when some equates gore for scary. Which this book does. So as I was reading, safe and cozy in my house, during the day, with my soon to be hubby in the other room, it didn't affect me. I seemed a little cheesy. B-movie cheesy. Maybe even drinking game with your friends cheesy.Of course then I decided to pick it up at night during a storm with soon to be hubby out of town for the night. And that my friends is how this book needs to be read. It got significantly better when I was able to put myself in it. The story itself is pretty bland, but the writing is what gives it life. For me to enjoy it, I had to set the mood myself.Maybe it is just me, but I like some back-story to help develop the plot. You never find out where the horde comes from or what exactly they are. You do get some information on the characters, and how the horde came to be in our world, but not until close to the end. So don't hold your breath for that. It isn't that awe-inspiring. Like I said, the plot left me wanting.But after I finished it, I couldn't sleep and had to pick something else up. Of course that ended up being an anthology where dolls helped kill people, but that is a story for another post. What is wrong with me that something like that helped me sleep better?All in all, this books gets 3.5 out of 5 stars. Not for the story, but for the writing, and the fact that, toward the end it actually did creep me out.I would recommend this book if you liked to be creeped out by blood and gore and things that go unexplained.