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Whisper (Whisper Trilogy, #1) - Chelsea M. Cameron *** This review originally posted on www.littlereadridinghood.co ***Whisper is a sweet YA story about girl meets boy, boy is dead, girl and boy fall in love and have to figure out how to make it work. Oh yeah, and help other lost souls and keep people from thinking girl is crazy and having her institutionalized. Standard stuff. ;-)Anabelle has been hearing ghosts as long as she can remember. If she tries to ignore them, they become a nuisance, and can potentially become dangerous. So she does what she can to help them complete their unfinished business so they can move on. When she starts hearing a male spirit, she knows almost right away there is something different.First off, he can’t remember anything about his life. Not even his name. So she gives him a name, Jack. He is also not afraid to say he is dead, where most other spirits are not a fan of the D word. He also brings her the spirit of a girl she went to school with who was killed in a hit and run, who needs help moving on.While dealing with this, she has to keep her friends and family in the dark about what she can do. The only one who believes her is her younger sister. And continue to be a straight A student. And keep her babysitting job. And deal with all the regular angst that comes from being 17. Poor thing, I would have lost my mind.Annabelle is a very sweet and forgiving person, unlike myself. One of her “friends” does something that jeopardizes everything, and as mad as she is, eventually forgives her. I on the other hand, would at the very least have never spoken with her again. Probably would have done much worse. But then again, I have the temper to match the red hair. ;-)And Jack is adorable. You can tell he was a romantic in life, and is very old fashioned. He is sweet, patient, and non-corporeal, which is sometimes a negative, but sometimes a positive too. He can go with Anna no matter where she is. His story, which I hope we find out more of in book two, is so far very tragic. He can only remember one detail from his life, and it is not one I would wish to recall. Not that his detail is something I have ever done or will ever do, I am just saying that if I did, I am sure I would like to forget it. I hope that made sense.Overall, this book is very sweet. Not recommended for action junkies or people who prefer a lot of, um, physical action, if you know what I mean. But it is recommended for people who like sweet stories, and unique romances. I give this book a total of 4 out of 5 stars, just because Anna could have had a little more of a back bone IMHO.