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The Devil's Metal - Karina Halle Well. That was a trip.I was hooked on Halle's previous series, Experiment in Terror, after the third book, Dead Sky Morning. I am already hooked in this one. And *gasp* I am not a music fan. It isn't that I don't enjoy music, but I don't have a favorite band or even favorite genre. I know, that makes me a freak. Anyway ...I was a little hesitant reading this, with my indifference to music, being that it takes place on a band tour. But Halle made me feel the passion; I felt like I was there. Seeing the concerts through a music lover's eyes gave me an appreciation for the obsession others have. Dawn was blissfully ignorant, yet knowledgeable at the same time. She wasn't easily intimidated, but WAS easily embarrassed, though she claimed not to be. The first time she is introduced to the band as she climbs on the tour bus is as surreal as you would imagine: I don't think I'll ever forget it, that feeling of having a band that you loved, the faces you gazed at in magazines, the ones who created life-changing music, staring back at you, and only you.Also, when Dawn is being introduced to the lead singing, swoon-worthy Robbie Oliver: "Dawn," I corrected him and immediately felt silly for doing so. Robbie Oliver could call me Pooey-Poo-Poo Smelly Face if he wanted to.I feel that way about most authors. And probably would if I ever met Halle in real life. :-)But of course, there is the brooding, dark, mixed heritage quite guy, Sage Knightly. He is the guy we all want, even if we can't admit it to ourselves. At first he is very cold and distant to Dawn, because she is a reporter ... or is that all? Slowly, his icy exterior thaws, and we join Dawn down the road to get to know Sage better. My favorite scene between them is surprisingly platonic. Although Dawn's thoughts are anything but as she sits on his shoulders at a music festival: The idea of a 5'9" girl sitting on a 6'4" guy made me want to laugh. We'd be the brontosaurus of the festival. The acid trippers would see us and freak the hell out. As if he sensed the lust permeating from me, he began to run one hand up and down my calf, very softly, very slowly, while still keeping me aloft. We elapsed into pensive thought and watched the remainder of the show. He never stopped stroking my leg.I know, right? *sigh* It just struck me as so sweet. I read this book twice and looked forward to that part the second time. It is just so ... simple and pure. And I held on to that simplicity as the story continues down the effed up road it eventually goes down.Overall, it is a great book, and I can't wait to see what else is in store for all the characters in The Devil's Metal.