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Into the Hollow - Karina Halle Words fail to describe the feelings this book created for me in my book-loving heart. I am going to do my best to explain the love I have, but if I fail, just remember I said it is myFAVORITE BOOK OF 2012Yeah. It is that awesome. So as I ramble on and on, if you don't even make it to the bottom of this post, you know the love I have.Be warned, if you haven't read the series up to now, this will spoil some of the earlier books. I have tried to keep actual Into the Hollow spoilers out though. It was hard. I need to tell you all the things. Into the Hollow picks up right where On Demon Wings left off. Perry, her parents, Ada, and Max are on their way home from the hospital, Dex is in jail, and I need him Perry needs to talk to him, whether or not she admits it to herself. Good thing her little sister is smarter than she is when it comes to Dex. :-)Long story short, she moves in with Dex, and Experiment in Terror starts back up. They go hunting myths ... and don't get me wrong, that was exciting and terrifying and wonderfully written, but THE DIALOGUE between Dex and Perry ... holy f**k. Really. I don't think I have ever highlighted so many passages in a book before. God sometimes I wanted to smack them both. Sometimes I wanted to smack just one. Sometimes I wanted them to just take their clothes off already ... I sound like a creep. And I don't care.Both Dex & Perry have gone through some major shitty (and some not so shitty - remember Jen?) life changes. Which makes them both more brave and more fragile all at the same time. I was going to warn you up front, that I am a giant fan-girl over this series, and was so wrapped up in the story the whole time reading it that the tension made me sick. But I decided against it, and let you discover my own brand of crazy on your own.