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Fate Fixed - Bonnie Erina Wheeler Having received this book to review for an upcoming book tour, I had no clue what to expect. I had never heard of Wheeler, so going in I had zero expectations. Which, I have to say, was refreshing for a change.And as it turns out, I really enjoyed her writing style, and felt for the characters. Though her story did follow your typical YA Vampire/Werewolf romance, except you don't really know who is what for a while which I found terribly intriguing. She also switched points of view occasionally, giving you many sides to what was going on, but never so much that you felt you knew what was going to happen.Some would probably argue here was "insta-love" between Lexie and Torin (side note: I love his name!) but I would disagree. Their instant attraction was explained, pretty thoroughly. and I thought it was very sweet.My one and only complaint, if you could call it one, was there seemed to be, at times, religious undertones. But it was used more in the "genesis" story of one of the supernatural creatures, so I suppose it isn't any different than using Greek gods or Irish Fae as the basis for the genesis.I will most definitely continue on with this series, and look forward to reading more from Wheeler.