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Darkness Comes This Way - Pixie Lynn Whitfield Vampires, Angels, and Intrigue ... Oh my!Not really sure how the cover fits into the story ... but that is not the end all, be all of a book for me. Especially as I read most of my books on my Kindle anymore. But it is something I still consider when browsing at a local book store, so I figure it warrants a quick comment.Can I just say I loved the character's names? Zarah and Draven, if I was going to have kids, I know what their names would be! As it stands, naming my next dog Draven will have to do. :-) And I freaking adored him. Cocky yet wounded, popular, but likes the outcast girl ... it's a match made in heaven! And of course he is pretty. :-)Zarah is mostly fantastic, minus the random hiding behind the guys moments she has, rather than be the bad-ass she can be. I suppose in the interest of self preservation and all ... And she has been through some tough stuff. I won't go into more, because it is vital to the story, but let's just say she is ... different? And tortured? And broken?And Draven ... cocky, sensitive, beautiful Draven ... what else needs to be said?This is one of those books that it is hard for me to talk about without giving things away; little tidbits are constantly revealed as you read, so you get everything at the end, and not a moment before you are meant to. So I think I will just sum it up like this:This is a good, maybe not great, but good solid book. Do I recommend it? Heck yes! Am I going to sit here and gush all over it? Nah. Will I read the second book in the series? It's already on my Kindle, courtesy of the author herself. ;-)