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Mad World: Sanctuary - Samaire Provost I loved, ​LOVED​ Epidemic. It was fantastic, emotional, terrifying, exhilarating, nauseating, and horrifying.Sanctuary was ... good. I have this thing against series that jump ahead years in each book. Sanctuary takes place several years after Epidemic. I understand, because then Luke can be a character, and not just a baby. And since he becomes pretty important ... I mean it makes sense. I guess I just really feel like I missed out on the developing relationships, meeting new people, and the struggles they went through.That being said, Sanctuary still keeps you on the edge of your seat, gripping your book (or kindle as was my case!) and leaving all the damn lights on. Sorry dogs, mommy is reading a scary zombie book so she can't take you outside after dark.I really felt the love their little family unit had for one another, even though they make some STUPID choices ... dumb, silly, obvious (to me anyway) bad decisions that keep you screaming at them and hoping certain people get picked off by the zombies. Wait, is that wrong? No? Moving on ... Jake and Alyssa are two fantastic people that even through all the crap still have faith in humanity. And the fact that they love each other and their "son" is clear. I kept wanting to wrap the whole group up in a bear hug and bring them to my house where they would be safe.Overall, a good sequel to Epidemic. The ending leaves you kind of wondering WTF? and wanting to know where the heck they will go from there. If you liked Epidemic, I definitely suggest reading Sanctuary. Then come back here and help me yell at the characters. :-)