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Savagery - Emma MacKenzie *Warning* This is an erotica novel, so this review will talk about SEX. If that offends you, stop now. Consider yourself warned.For a debut erotica novel, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It had been a while since I've read erotica, but what I can remember, there is usually minimal story with lots and lots of pointless sex, and usually weird freaky, bordering on bizarre uncomfortable and rape. Savagery actually had a story to support all the gratuitous sex.Not that the sex was vanilla at all. There is even some of what I would call "consensual rape." Basically it would be rape if you or I were the heroine and these things were happening to us in real life, but since it is a book, and the heroine is enjoying it, it is consensual. Make sense? It will once you read the story.It starts of pretty slow, and builds to a grand finish ... much like a good lover. He teases you with some oral action, builds to penetration, then all of a sudden there are two men involved (what some call a devils three way, but what I call a good three way!). And for a while you are not sure which man, if only one, will walk away the victor. And you aren't sure who you want to win.When you get to the end of the story you are so spent emotionally and physically that all you can do is lay there and think about all that was done to you. If you have never read erotica and are nervous about it, or have read some and thought it was too extreme for you, Savagery is a good introduction, or re-introduction, to the genre.