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Little Red Riding Wolf - Jessica Aspen This was a quick, steamy read. I literally put this away in about two hours. How could I not at least read it, I mean hello? The title? My blog name? Psh.For the fact that is was a short book, and borderline erotica, it was good. The story made sense, and had a completeness to it. But I couldn't help wanting more; more character development, steamier sexy times, more background. You are dropped right into a werewolf clan that is very set in their ways, and a young female that feels the need to escape. Which makes her seem dominant.But she is super submissive, being the runt (youngest) and female. The red hair doesn't help. And somehow her human lover, which we meet a little bit into the story, knows how to "dominate" both her and her wolf. And after a night or two together, LOVE. I get that there aren't a lot of pages to build on, but insta-love still makes me shudder.Overall, it was good. Not great, not horrible, but a good solid sexy-times read. If you are looking for a quick read, give it a go.