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Inhale - Kendall Grey I bought this book during one the periods the author made it free on Amazon. I had been seeing lots of buzz about it on Goodreads, and thought "heck, it's free, why not give it a shot?" I have to be honest, the story didn't immediately suck me in. There is a lot of world building and back story that is given, and i was still confused. It is one of those books that drops you in, and starts using terminology like you know what they are talking about, and you learn as you go. Not usually my kind of thing.However, once i learned everything I needed to know, at about the half-way mark, I couldn't put it down. I devoured it in one marathon reading session, and used that handy kindle feature to purchase the second book, Exhale, as soon as I finished.Gavin and Zoe are from opposite worlds; he is a freaking rock star & Guardian (you will learn about them as you read) and Zoe is a Marine Biologist. Not two people you would ever think to put together. But, through the Dreaming (the dream world) they meet and form a ... 'relationship'. I use that term loosely; they have crazy dream sex. :-) Unfortunately, Gavin is the only one that knows this is real. Zoe thinks she is just dreaming up a hot guy.And hot he is. He made my Book Boyfriend's of 2012 list. Which is a pretty big accomplishment. I am very picky. But he totally earned that spot, what with the saving the world, being a rock star hottie, writing songs about his woman, and did I mention he is an incredibly sexy good guy? I did? Well it is worth mentioning again.Do they meet in the real world? Will they even like each other in the real world? And what is going on with all the Elementals wrecking havoc on us poor normals? You want to find out. Trust me. I have become so obsessed with this series that I may harass tweet Miss Grey daily, with anticipation of the third and final book, Just Breathe.Plus, all the profits are being donated to the whales! You like whales, don't you?I am so glad I stuck this out, through my confusion, because it most definitely ended with a bang. And all of Exhale ... well, that is a whole other review :-).3 1/2 stars, just because it took me a little time to get into it.