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Release (The Protector, #3) - M.R. Merrick Why do you leave me like this? I have got to start off by saying for some reason I had thought this was the last book in a trilogy ... no clue where I got that idea. I kept waiting for the book to wrap everything up and give me a complete ending. That didn't happen. It is obviously not the last book, otherwise Mr. Merrick and I would have some words.I like this whole series, in that each book picks up where the previous book leaves off. You follow Chase along his journey to avenge a death and save the world; and maybe even be happy when it is all over. He has some good friends, and they want to help him along the way, but he is such a typical man ... "I can do it myself," ... yeah. Sure you can. ;-)Chase grows a lot in this book. I think he finally realizes he can count on others, helps people with their problems, and no longer carries the weight of the whole world on his shoulders alone. Most of the weight he bares, but events occur that force him to face the fact that he cannot carry that weight alone.Without giving too much away ... and it is hard not to with this book ... let me say this: be prepared with some comfort food. And or tissues. And maybe a stiff drink.If you haven't checked out this series, what the heck are you waiting for? Go, right now, and get them. Seriously.