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Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward Ok, so I've decided a few things:1. The scribe virgin is a hateful bitch that I want to punch in her glowing face. I wasn't a fan in book one, but this one sealed the deal.2. The brothers are all "tough guys" but are some of the whiniest characters I've ever seen. They throw the biggest tantrums, and pout. Sometimes I want to tell them to grow the fuck up.3. I think Butch is the best. 4. Just as the story was rolling, the end. What? That wasn't an end of a book. It was the end of a chapter.5. I have a problem - I will continue to read this series. Because I know it has an end (unlike Anita Blake where I finally had to throw in the towel). It is a sick addiction of mine to see a series through. 6. The unquestioned acceptance of the humans to the vampire's weird terminology, calling people male/female instead of man/woman, for example, baffles me. I would turn to someone and at least raise an eye brow. 7. Since when did the ability, or lack there of, to have kids make someone's life worth more or less in a book? Or in real life? And what does that say about those of us who are childless by choice?All that aside, the overall story is good. I was able to get into the story more with this one, since there was less "getting to know you" even though the focus was on a different pair. The Lessening Society make for creepy ass bad guys. And the fact they smell like baby-powder, well thanks for ruining THAT smell for me. And I have to mention, that I listened to this on audio. The narrator is horrible. Very monotone. No inflection, and no different tones for each character. Which makes it hard to decide who is talking in long conversations. And the editing is bad too. There are some parts that have too long a pause, up to 15 seconds. Long enough I think it might be broke. Then there are the parts where a break is needed and there is none. But like I said, the overall story is a good solid one, and I have a problem that compels me to continue with a series. But it won't top my TBR list, that's for sure. I know several people have loved this series, and especially certain characters, but I just ... can't.