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My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent Having already developed an attachment to Kaylee in the prequel, I dove right into this. And because I knew about her "panic attacks" I was stressed out anytime she was out in public from the beginning. Of course you KNOW something is going to happen - what would be the point in reading about nothing going wrong? When things do start to go horribly wrong, she is helped by someone she barely knows, and wouldn't ever expect.*Side note* That was really my only hang up with this book. Nash and Kaylee had been classmates for how long and he just figured out what was up? SMH.They have an instant (though realistic - YAY) connection and I found myself rooting for them from the beginning. Kaylee is a typical teenage girl with typical teenage girl thoughts; "What if he is only with me for sex?" "Am I throwing myself at him?" Lord I am so glad I am not at that stage in my life anymore. (PS - I was crazy hormonal. Be glad you didn't know me, and if you did know me, my apologies)So I 'got' Kaylee. She pretty much did and said everything I would have in her situation. Except for the family keeping a big secret. Like, huge, world-shifting-on-it's-axis, secret. She was livid, but I thought she got over that pretty fast. I thought the Irish were known for our their temper. I would most certainly hold a grudge, at least until I heard the whole story ... that was a whopper. With cheese. And bacon. (can you tell I am hungry?) I did kind of see it coming, but at the same time it felt like a punch to the gut.So overall, I would say this is an easy quick read. Maybe I would call it quick because I did it in two marathon sessions, but hey, that's a good thing! It kept my interest and I didn't want to put it down. It is YA, but there is death, so it isn't "fluffy" like some YA. Definitely not for younger YA readers.