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My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent For the most part, I really like this series. But there are a few things I want to get off my chest first. One, they make a big deal about not telling Addy exactly what Tod is, then all of a sudden she seems to know not only what he is but is ok with it. Pick one or the other, or explain the transition, don't just expect me to suspend my belief on that conversation (of course it is entirely possible I missed that conversation taking place, but it should be memorable). Two, I find it really difficult to follow Kaylee's train of thought sometimes. I guess that is good sometimes, in that it leaves you guessing, but it is also frustrating.With those specific, and probably specific to me, gripes out of the way, I really am enjoying this. I do look forward to the next book. Vincent does a great job building the rules for the world and keeping them consistent. The characters, and their reactions to events are believable and consistent. Can you tell consistency is important to me?There is significantly more tension of the sexual nature in this book. Kaylee and Nash have been together for about 6 weeks now, and he seems to be wanting more from their relationship. She still isn't sure, which I think is great. Plus, Tod is a great tension breaker when things look like they might get out of hand. :-)Something that many YA books seem to gloss over is parental involvement. A lot of times these kids seem to have free reign to do what they want when they want. Not here, and that adds another level of tension to the already nerve-wracking nature of what they are trying to accomplish. The parents are involved, and react like my parents would when I was in high school if they caught me having snuck out, or lying about where I had been. Oh my gosh these parents actually care? What a novel concept!Overall this is a great YA. It's a pretty easy read, yet still deals with a tough subject, death, in a believable manner. There are enough light moments to balance out the not so light ones, and the characters are consistent (YAY) in not only their actions, but their reactions. Definitely something I would recommend if you have not read the series already. And if you've started it, it's worth continuing.