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On Every Street  - Karina Halle I survived! It was a close call though. I expected a lot of heartache and tension while reading On Every Street. And while I certainly wasn't disappointed, I think had I read this before Sins & Needles (my review here) the gut-check factor would have been higher. But I knew how this would end, and yet I love Javier more now. I would certainly suggest reading this first, then Sins & Needles, though either way works.Damn you Karina Halle for forcing me into a love triangle I didn't see coming. Now I don't know who to pick, Camden or Javier? Camden (from Sins & Needles, not in this book at all) is crazy and yummy and all those things Halle puts into her heroes. BUT SO IS JAVIER. I mean, all my favorite quotes from this are from him. Javier smiled quickly. "What, you don't know what misogynistic means? It meas I'm about to break your nose." "Please angel, make me your home" "You know ... if you were to ever leave me, I'd come looking for you, on every street." "You're my angel. You could change your hair color, your eye color, everything about you. But the tattoo will always remain. I will always remain. I am the ink in your blood."Sweet, with just enough creepy possessiveness that you know things have the potential for going horribly horribly wrong. Damn. And I was intrigued from the small hints in Sins & Needles - now that I know him ...Halle a master at weaving these broken people together, then tearing them apart. I also wonder if she wasn't a man in a past life. She has some of the best dirty male characters I've read outside of erotica. If you don't like kink, this story isn't for you. But if you are OK with some dirty bedroom, and beach ;-), action, then read this book. Javier, as you would expect, is not vanilla in the sack.Ellie/Eden is such a complex character that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted her to do. Stick to her plans? Throw them out the window? Run like the wind from it all? And she is so hurt from a past she cannot escape she can't see what's potentially right in front of her.If you are looking for a roller coaster of a book, an unconventional love story, or even something that makes your eyes bug out of your head, I would suggest this book.