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The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance - Delilah S. Dawson I've said it before and I will say it again: I love Sang. The world Dawson has created is so complex, with many many layers, and each time I go there, it's like visiting a favorite vacation spot.A vacation spot where even the rats can kill you, because they are bludrats. There are also bludmen, bludbunnies (which were certainly missed in this novella, but as it takes place in Sang's London it makes sense), blud ... well, pretty much any mammal has a blud equivalent. And what makes this short story especially challenging, is the main character runs a pet store. I don't know HOW she gets non-bludded animals, but that must be an accomplishment!I love that Casper plays an important role in this story, it is a great lead in to Wicked as She Wants, which is Casper's story. I must admit, I love the cocky bastard. I also loved Criminy in Wicked as They Come, and Thom ... I love all the men Dawson creates. I am very excited to learn more about what is going on with him. I have theories, but is history holds true, I will be incredibly surprised, even if I am partially correct.I am rambling ... Frannie is a great character. Strong and independent, yet hurt and scared. She is very believable and real. Her reasons for being shy yet cold and nervous are revealed as you go. By the end you get what is going on, look forward to finding out what comes next, but still have a sense of closure that leaves you satisfied.And it has to be mentioned ... as creepy as this may sound, I love the way the love scenes are written throughout this whole series. They truly are "love" scenes and not just "sex " scenes. The fact that there is a noticeable difference makes them more meaningful.If you like steampunk, vampires with a twist, alternate realities, or even just a sweet love story, this series is for you. A solid 4.5 stars