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Mythology - Helen Boswell No lie, I loved this book cover to cover. From the characters to the story to the end, it was perfect.Micah is so flipping adorable. I've never crushed on a teenage character quite so fast. Really, it was kind of creepy the feelings I had. I just wanted to go back to my 17 year old self and snuggle right up to him. And even though Hope is technically the MC, I focused on Micah - probably too much. And I got a little jealous. See? Creepy stalker girl, right here.But in her defense, Hope is real. She hasn't had a cake-walk life, but she still tries to see the best in people. If anyone could get Micah through the change, it would be her. And HOLY CRAP she isn't an idiot. That is something that drives me nuts in YA, and many Paranormal Books in general; why the heroine has to be a dumb-ass until it really counts is beyond me. But Hope, while not always making the best decisions, actually has reasons for choosing the things she does. It's a miracle.Boswell does a great job giving you enough information to be able to follow along without making it feel like an info dump. The only times I felt lost were when Hope and Micah were feeling lost. And it made me crazy. In a good way.With the way it ended, I am certainly looking forward to what happens next. No cliffhanger (YAY) but there was certainly enough left open-ended for a lot more story. And Micah, if you ever get tired of Hope, email me. ;-)4.5 out of 5