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Devour - Andrea Heltsley I am, was, and probably always will be, a vampire fan-girl. Before I started blogging & reviewing books, all you had to do was mention vampires and I was automatically interested. And I probably loved the book, even if it was just ok. If I had read this book back then, I would have loved it. Now, I just liked it. They story certainly sucked me in but it seemed to have been written in such a way where I am not supposed to know their society and just take everything as it came. There was little set-up; as rules & laws & traditions were introduced as they came up I had to just go with it. They made sense, but I like some set up or more explanation when things come up. Again, if you've ever read a review by me, I will almost never complain about too much information.And then the love story. Talk about insta-love to the nth degree. The word love was used 123 times. True, not all of those times are between Callie & her man, but "I love you" or some combo was used 58 times. O_O. Again, sometimes it was to parents, or talking about dresses, but there are other adjectives. They should have to work for that love, not be "true mates" and like magic, they are in love. The whole mating process was fascinating and I would have loved more information on it. There were parts, like the true mate thing, that were never fully explained. What makes a true mate different from a regular mate? If they can test blood to prove it, why don't they test everyone's blood to find their true mates?One more little thing, then I will move onto why I liked the book ... Callie sometimes has an aside to the reader. NO. Don't do that, it makes me crazy. It sucks (Look at me making vampire jokes today!). That's not a direct quote, but pretty much exactly how it looked in the story.Now, Callie is a pretty realistic character most of the time. She messes up, gets in trouble, pouts, but eventually owns up to her mistake and takes the punishment. She goes to the ball to find a mate, even though she doesn't want to, and is pleasantly surprised. (More back story here would have been nice too, but I digress). Her friend Jane is a riot. They are kind of like the snobby rich girls that everyone likes yet no one likes. Which makes them fun to read about.The male MC (and yes I know his name but it may or may not be who you think it is so I am not telling) is an interesting character. I would have loved to get inside his head from time to time to see what he was thinking. He is very sweet and pretty much perfect, so I have no complaints on that end. Not a love interest for me, but he is still adorable.If you are a vampire fan-girl, and like YA, you will probably like this book. There are some things, as I mentioned, that aren't exactly plot holes, but things I would have liked more explanation on. The story keeps you guessing, and when not reading I wanted to go back to it to see what was going to happen, so for all that I give it a good 3 1/2 stars.