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Blood Rights - Kristen Painter I wavered between 3 & 4 stars for this one. The story was very unique, but I felt lost for the first half and then some. Now that I have finished it and kind of get what was going on, I realize I was so focused on figuring the world & races out that I didn't connect with any of the characters. Not on the level I want to.But the story ... *swoon* it was so beautiful. A slightly futuristic world, a very intricate society, complex histories ... it was just ... beautiful. (Repetitive words, I know - hence why I am not an author!) It is one of those stories that just sucks you into the world and is so well written that even if you aren't getting "involved" in the characters, you keep reading to find out more.The "big reveals" near the end were very predictable, I think about half way through I figured out most of what was going to go down, but not quite how it would happen. And there is certainly enough WTF left over to make me interested in reading the next in the series.