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Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout This was one of those books for me that I LOVED while reading, and couldn't wait to get back to, but when it was over I was left irritated. Let me attempt to explain ...***The following may contain some spoilers but nothing I would consider major***Ember is a totally likable character. Her situation SUCKS majorly and I found myself rooting for her and her sister, Olivia, from the get go. That never wavered. She is the victim of horrible circumstance and comes out of it a stronger, if not better in the end, person.My problem came with the whole kidnapping thing. I have a hard time with how she was treated after she was taken by these people who supposedly wanted to help her and she was able to be attracted to one of the kidnappers - who had stalked her for 2 years prior! I just, feel dirty you know? I love everything else ever written by Armentrout, but this one left me feeling yucky. Like I said at the beginning, I was totally sucked into the story, the writing, as always, was great and the character were well flushed out. I just ... get mad now that I think about it. But you know, if there were to be a sequel, I would read it. That's got to say something. :-)