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Come Alive - Karina Halle I don't know how she does it, but Karina Halle has sucked me into Dex & Perry land again, and after this I ever want to leave. Quick note - this review will contain spoilers for the earlier books in the series, so go read them first. Darkhouse is free. Go get it. Right now. Then come back to me.Come Alive picks up right at the end of Into the Hollow, and is told from Dex's POV. And I love being inside his pervy, messed up, in love head. As the earlier books were told from Perry's POV, I did sometimes find myself wondering what she was thinking & feeling, then I realized that I knew her so well by this point that I could kind of guess where she was at. So that was fun, but it will be good to get back into her head for the next book.As always the characters in EIT are real, and relatable. Dex and Perry together as a couple made me so insanely happy and nervous to the extreme. Halle likes to torture her characters, and ruin good things, and I knew this would be no different. I was just hoping they would be able to work through it. Where she took things though surprised the heck out of me and that's all I will say on the subject.As I read I found myself wanting to highlight entire chapters. I do have to say I actually have a favorite chapter, Four. We get to see Jenn, Dex's skanky ex, again. And man is it ever fabulous. "You're a pig." "And you're the shit this pig used to roll around in."I thought I was going to die. Of laughter. I didn't even have to look that quote up I loved it so much. And Maximus is again a major player in this book but he shifts from douchnozzle to ... well, I don't want to say. But your perspective of him will most certainly change.And we get to meet some new people, which was a nice change. Rose, Ambrosia, and Mambo Maryse shed new light on things, and keep you on your toes. I personally was never sure who to trust. Until it was obvious, then hind sight is 20-20 of course.Of course we can't forget about the zombies. ZOMBIES! You know I love them. And these are real zombies, based on real voodoo practices. Look it up. Of course the zombies aren't the only thing after our Derry (Dex+Perry=Derry) - and you would think after everything else they have been through they would trust each other enough to tell the other what is going on but NOOOO ... I wanted to strangle Dex sometimes.Do I recommend this book? Hell yes I do. I loved it so much I bought it for a few friends. And re-read it within days of it's release. So get it. Then come talk to me. I will be here for you as you read. :-)