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Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent **NOTE** The following review will contain spoilers for the series, but not for this particular book. I am still amazed with each of these books that Vincent manages to keep me enthralled and interested, and still surprises me with the risks she is willing to take with her characters. Nash's behavior in this story is much more understandable and relate-able. With everything that happened at the end of If I Die, and his history with Kaylee, I was hurting page after page for him. I truly hope he is able to find some peace, if not happiness, before the end of the series, though with Vincent's track record I am not holding my breath for an HEA for everyone. Or anyone actually.It was nice for Kaylee and Tod to be together. Even if there were some awkward moments because of the group dynamic. They are perfect for each other and even though I was kicking and screaming the whole way, I finally have to admit Tod is way better for Kaylee than Nash ever was. They have some terribly sweet moments that make him even more loveable than before.As much as I connected with Kaylee in the earlier books, I had a hard time in this one. Probably because she is, you know, dead. And as far as I know I am not, nor have I ever been. She is dealing with so much more than I ever have, yet still is trying to be a regular teenager and go to school. I think home based classes would have been a better bet for her. But, life, or after-life as the case is, must go on.This story didn't have me riding the emotional roller coaster the last few books did until the very end, and then a huge WTF moment along with a decent cliffhanger left me stunned. It most certainly left me excited for the next, and final, book. At this point I honestly have NO CLUE how Vincent will wrap things up.