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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout I've decided to stop forcing myself through this. Made it to 14% and I just can't. The characters are flat and unlikeable. I LOVE Armentrout's YA series, but I guess I don't like her NA. *shrugs* If you like this then more power to you. I am just not impressed. You will notice first off that there is no rating for this book. I know some people rate a book they don't finish 0 or 1 star, but IMO - if I don't finish a book I can't actually give it a star rating. All I can do is to tell you WHY I didn't finish it. You guys, I only made it to 14% before I had to stop. It was making me RAGE. Both main characters are IDIOTS. Like, I don't think they would have made it into college in real life. They would be flipping burgers at a fast food place (no offense to you if that is what you do).The story starts off at a bar. Ok, no problem. The girl is sitting there, staring at the boy, whining about how she can't have him, and not wanting to go over there, because there is a girl practically doing him right there at the table. But they are supposed to be best friends ... I'm sorry, if my "best friend" did that in public ALL THE TIME, whether I am in love with him or not, we wouldn't be hanging out much anymore. That is just RUDE. And gross. And it obviously bothers her, so the fact that he does it at all is inconsiderate.Then we get to his POV. While this random chick is making out with him, he is all wondering where his "best friend" is ... again, RUDE. If you are trying to pick up chicks, then pick up chicks. Don't just sit there and let them make out with you while you are waiting for another girl to show up.So they finally hang out, after he pushes the chick off him (poor baby, having to push girls away) and he pulls her onto his lap, and at that point I think I blacked out from the WTF-ery happening. I don't ... anyway, the next thing I remember is the next morning, when she shows up to his dorm to leave for their trip. And surprise surprise, random chick from the bar is there. But you know, they didn't sleep together, yet he lets his "friend" think they did. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? I don't comprehend any of it.I finally stopped after they got in the car to start driving and started arguing, about something idiotic I think, I really don't remember. All I remember is thinking "I am only at 14%, am I really going to stop this early in? Yes. Yes I am." These two characters barely acted like they knew and liked each other, let alone are BEST FRIENDS for years. And I just couldn't take it anymore.I REALLY wanted to like this book, and honestly had been looking forward to it for MONTHS. I've loved the author's YA books, and will continue to read those series, but I think if this is how her NA books are, I won't read anymore.