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Twilight Hunter - Kait Ballenger Twilight Hunter is a good throw-back to the Paranormal Romances I first read before I really knew what the genre was called. Girl and Boy meet, both have something they are hiding from the other, they think they make decisions that are for the betterment of others at their own sacrifice, and in the end realize they can't live without each other and must be together.I did have a few minor issues with the story - mainly the falling in love after less than a week, but at least it isn't ISEEYOUANDILOVEYOU. But I mean really, with sex that hot I'd probably be in love after a week too ;-). I am not ashamed, I mean, WOW. Steamy scenes are steamy. Ballenger really took me by surprise with those, though they really shouldn't have, having read her story Shadow Hunter in the anthology After Dark. *fans self*Jace is a sad angry big sexy man. He is certainly a survivor, and if you ask me, turned out to be as well adjusted as he could with the circumstances he had. And in Frankie he finds his mate; his equal. They are both stubborn stong-willed Alphas and butt heads time and time again, until they both realize they are being idiots.And along with this will they won't they sex all the time, there is a murderer running around killing and kidnapping young women. And of course Jace and Frankie are the only ones that can find and stop the guy.While at times predictable, Ballenger's Twilight Hunter puts a unique twist on the supernatural hunting Paranormal Romance story idea and I certainly look forward to following the other hunter's stories.