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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout I feel like I need to go into this review already defending myself ... yes I liked it. OF COURSE I will read the last book when it comes out, but this has been my least favorite of the series so far. As much as I liked getting a peak into Daemon's head, it made him less mysterious and I think that took away some of what made him intriguing to me.I remember all the emotions I had at the end of Opal, that major cliffhanger, and the empty feeling that left me with. I think, in part, that is also why I went into Origin so jaded. Small cliffhangers are fine, and certainly leave me wanting more, but the way Opal ended I felt like I had to go into Origin guarded, knowing how Armentrout likes to emotionally drain her readers. That affected my reading experience, I distanced myself from the characters.Of course, all that being said, I still loved the story. Origin is unique and enthralling. The writing is easy to read and you do feel a certain connection, no matter how hard you try not to, with the characters. Like all of Armentrout's YA books, there are twists you don't see coming, new characters introduced, and betrayals that break your heart. It is certainly a roller coaster of ups and downs, side to sides, and a few loops - and you aren't ever sure if you have your seat-belt on.If you haven't read the Lux Series yet, you should. It is really great. But be prepared - Origin ends on another cliffhanger, though in my opinion it isn't nearly as bad as Opal. But it does make me wonder about the chances of things going terribly wrong for everyone before the end of the series.