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Chasing Magic (Downside Ghosts Series #5)

Chasing Magic - Stacia Kane Oh. My. God.Without question, this is now my favorite book in the series. A title that was previously held by City of Ghosts. This book starts with Chess finishing up a Debunking assignment. It is the only real "church" work you see her doing. Fine by me. That just means more Chess + Terrible. Which is really what we all want at this point, now that they are FINALLY together, and secure in their relationship. And they are so damn cute."Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So ... ain't even can breathe sometimes."He broke the kiss but kept holding her for a long moment, resting his cheek against the top of her head. "Love you Chess."Damn, it was so hard pretending she didn't really care about him, pretending she didn't feel as if someone had poured her out of a jug to puddle all over everything, so turned on she could hardly breathe."I ain't ... Don't know how to say it up right. Never-Fuck, Chess. Thought you was dead once before, you recall? Never felt so bad in my life, not ever. Then on the other day, thought you was gone an just ... I ain't can do it, bein without you." He rubbed his neck, pressed his palm into his furrowed brow and took a swipe at his eyes.This whole book is full of quotable moments. I had so many favorites, that the ones listed are a small selection. Me, whoo rarely quotes anything, had 30 sections highlighted. I read part of it on a plane, and actually laughed at loud at parts. And by laughed, I mean giggled like a mentally deranged leprechaun. I got some odd looks.The plot is great as well. Of course Chess ends up working, indirectly, for her drug dealer, Bump, again. You get a little bit more of a peak into his feelings toward both her and Terrible. What? Had Bump-had Bump just been nice to her?Someone is selling tainted drugs, and as we all know that hits close to home for Chess. I don't want to say too much, as the information is slowly leaked to you throughout the book in such a brilliant way, that you are always following along, but never 100% sure what is going to happen next.Speaking of percentages, 95% of the book made me happy as a clam, but there was 5% that upset me. Not that I disagree with what happened, just disappointed in reactions and in decisions made. And for once, not with Chess! There is another character, that I have a love-hate relationship with, Lex. He is an ex-something to Chess, and he does some things that really upset me. It was just business, but I don't have to like it.There was so much in this book ... so much love, so much self-realization, so much OMG, so much character development from characters I would have considered fully developed ... I really can't find fault with this book. At all.And if you have read any of my reviews, there is always something that bothers me about a book. Not always something that makes me rate it lower, but something.Nothing is perfect.Except this. Chasing Magic easily gets 5 stars from me.