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Flesh And Blood: House of Comarré: Book Two

Flesh and Blood - Kristen Painter I don't know if I mentioned this before but I LOVE these covers. Just had to say that. They are the reason I picked the books up to begin with. Sorry, just had to mention that. :-)Flesh and Blood picks up not long - a couple weeks - after the end of Blood Rights. These poor characters cannot catch a break! Things did not end well for them at the end of the first book, and they are not dealing well now. Chrysabelle and Mal should support each other but instead they are ignoring one another.And then we meet Creek. While I don't usually like the "second guy" - in my opinion in books the first guy introduced is the right guy - I like Creek. I still don't think he is right for Chrysabelle but I would not be upset with them being a thing; IF Mal found a way to be happy too. I have a feeling Ms. Painter is going to continue to put us all - readers and characters alike - through the ringer.Tatiana as per usual is a hateful nasty beastly creature. Honestly nothing she does surprises me anymore. She is a fabulous villain, and I really cannot hate her more. I am afraid to say that, because now I am worried she will do something horrible.All in all, Flesh and Blood is a great continuation of the House of Comarré series and I very much look forward to continuing on.