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Good Bones

Good Bones - Kim Fielding First off, I would like to thank Netgalley & Dreamspinner Press for approving me to read & review this book.Let me start with something I didn't see until after I had read Good Bones, the cover. Oy vey. I probably wouldn't have picked it up based on that. It just looks ... amateur. I am not one to usually judge a book by it's cover, or even mention the cover, but just look at it. Ugh.That being said the book was alright. This was my first m/m werewolf book, so I had no clue what to expect. It seemed to follow the trend of other basic romance novels; boy meets boy, one has a deep dark secret (werewolf), they work together, they sleep together way too soon (IMO), they get into a fight, make up, fight again, mope around, big event/fight scene/tragedy/misc. occurrence, they forgive & move on, book ends.There just wasn't anything that wowed me. Even the sex scenes were average. And they seemed to pop up (pun kind of intended) in the most random places. Maybe it is just because I am not a gay man, nor have I been around a lot of gay men, but their conversations leading up to sex and after sex seemed off. And I totally pegged the wrong guy for the topper. I guess I don't know enough about gay men. :-)The characters were believable and loveable. Dylan and Chris I wanted to scream at "Just be honest!!!" but I find myself doing that to most books, since that seems to be where most of the conflict comes from. Why can't we all just tell the truth?All in all, there isn't anything wrong with ​Good Bones​, but I wouldn't list it in my favorites. It was a good, trashy romance of the m/m werewolf variety. It gets 3 1/2 stars.