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Opal (Lux, #3)

Opal (Lux, #3) - Jennifer L. Armentrout *This review contains spoilers for the previous books, Obsidian & Onyx*With everything that happened in Onyx, I would expect nothing less from Opal. I was not disappointed. Now that Daemon and Katy are officially a couple, the adorable-ness factor jumps to the nth degree. They are so affectionate, but with the fear of the DOD and the death of a Luxen looming over their heads, they barely have any time for each other.But when they do get time … it is so fantastic it brought tears to my eyes. They are so mad about each other that they show it in as many different ways they can. A look, a touch, a kiss, a comment, a gift … I could go on. And on. I freaking love them.As I was reading I become more and more anxious. I knew, KNEW something had to go wrong. This book had too many things go right, or at least not catastrophically wrong as I was anticipating. I mean, even Katy knows her luck is less than stellar: To my left, there was a blur of brown racing away from me. Most likely a deer or, knowing my luck, a chupacabra. I laughed out loud, and actually woke my husband up several times reading this book. There are some great amazing wonderful hilarious parts.Now, I can’t talk about this book without mentioning the end. I usually try not to, and no I won’t tell you what happens. But HOLY FUCKING SHIT BALLS. I had to read it several times, and was questioning myself if that really just happened. I still don’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. Yes, there is a major humongous cliffhanger. Sometimes cliffhangers are great, and then sometimes they are horrible. This one is pretty bad. Fair warning. I read Opal as soon as it was released, so I had no warning. This is one I would have liked a heads-up, just that there was something coming. So consider yourself warned.Would I suggest you read this? Hell yes. Will you be mad at the end? Probably. The author’s own mom is mad. Will that make you want to read the next one in July? Most definitely.