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Big Bad Bite (Big Bad Bite, #1)

Big Bad Bite (Big Bad Bite, #1) - Jessie Lane Jenna is HILARIOUS. She says all the things I want to say. I don't think I've ever added a quote this early in a review, but come on. I couldn't help it. I bet you will forgive me. :-) It made her want to chop off his cracker jacks, hang them around his neck like a sadistic messy necklace and say back, 'Big boy, you're the prey'. "Touch me with so much as one of those claws you freaky albino Garfield and I will make sure I knock you out, file those suckers down to a flat non-lethal edge, paint them red, and write 'Mr. Fluffy needs love too' all over your face in permanent marker."Hehe. Love it. She starts off pretty snarky, and continues the whole way through. See, she has been hidden from the Others her whole life, because, well, she is different. A difference that, if discovered, could mean her life. So, IMO, she develops the snark as a defense and a wall to her own feelings of loneliness and somewhat abandonment.Until she meets Adam. It may be a double standard since I have red hair, but I am not a fan of men with the ginger gene. But I could be persuaded to change my mind for him. O_O He is ... yummy. And barely able to hang onto his humanity. Which means he is hurting. Sexy, sweet, and hurting ... it's like my kryptonite.Action packed, romance, and hilarious main characters - Big Bad Bite has it all. And while I wouldn't call it a cliff-hanger ending, there are still some loose ends that I can't wait to be able to tie up!