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Secret Maneuvers (Ex Ops Series)

Secret Maneuvers - Jessie Lane ***I had the pleasure to beta read this book. I provided feedback while reading. The opinions stated in this review are my own and were not influenced by getting an advanced copy of this book***I read this book in pieces and it was torture. Absolute torture. I knew I was a goner when the PROLOGUE made me tear up. And really it was over before it started. Knowing it was a Contemporary Romance gave me a tiny hint of relief that the likelihood of a happily ever after was pretty high but I had no clue how Bobby and Belle would get there.I have never been more anxious to read the next chapter. It would sometimes be a week OR MORE before I could get it. It was torture waiting for those chapters. I would find myself dreaming about Bobby, wondering if he would ever get his girl back. Wondering what Belle's problem was; couldn't she see he was sorry?And then Bobby's feet were knocked out from under him in the most surprising way and I was left sitting there, speechless, for hours. My stomach dropped out and I just - had no words. If I could have jumped into that book to smack some heads together and comfort Bobby. you better believe I wouldn't think twice about leaving my husband to jump in there.This is another one of those stories that I find it hard to convey the emotions I had without discussing the reasons for those emotions - hurt, sad, angry, hopeful, anxious, scared, nauseous, relieved - any book that can put me through the ringer as thoroughly as Secret Maneuvers did is one I will recommend to EVERYONE. Even if you don't think you like Contemporary Romance, you will like this.