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Deeper We Fall (Fall and Rise, Book One)

Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron *Note: I am a beta reader for Cameron so my opinions may be based not on the final published version*Charlotte, or Lottie as she goes by, has lived through something no one her age should have to experience. He best friend is severely handicapped due to a drunk driving accident. And she blames herself for not being able to stop her from getting in the truck. So you know she has some issues.When she finds out the brothers responsible for the accident are at the same college she is, she flips. And due to a series of events beyond her control, they keep showing up. All the rage she has built up towards them keeps exploding from her - in verbal waves. She has a hard time keeping her mouth shut. And that is what I loved most about her, her ability to speak her mind, even when it isn't appropriate.And Zan, oh Zan. He is so damaged from the accident. And he is keeping a secret about it. AND he is in love with Lottie. AND he lives in the shadow of his brother Zack. This poor guy does not have much going for him. But he is going to college. And working through things with the help of a therapist. Despite it all he keeps trying to better himself. And I love him for it. Does he fall off the wagon? Of course. But that makes me love him even more.You might think a relationship developing between these two is not possible, but Cameron does it in a way it is organic and realistic. They have both endured a horrendous event in life, and, eventually, help each other work through those feelings. They are perfect for each other. I can't even be jealous of Lottie getting Zan, because once things finally heat up, I am too happy for them both.There is also a wonderful cast of side characters: Zack, Zan's brother whom I hate more than most douche-nozzles, Will, Lottie's twin and if it weren't weird I would have a thing for him, Katie, Lottie's rommate (and the main character of the Faster We Burn), Simon, Will's best friend and gay roommate, and a few others I don't want to mention. Because they may or may not play a bigger part in the sequel :-).Overall, you know I don't usually read books without a paranormal aspect. But really, Cameron's writing is such that it makes for an easy, feel good, happy read. Mostly happy. She does like to torture her characters to get to the happy place.