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Fade (Book 1 of the Fade Series)

Fade - Kailin Gow Gow has a very active imagination, having written so many (I saw 80 somewhere) Teen and YA novels, mostly series. One thing all the ones I have read have in common is a love triangle, where the heroine is "in love" with both boys. Makes me crazy. However the premise of this book makes up for that.There is a group that "fades" people, takes them away from their homes and erases all trace of their existence. Celestra a.k.a "Celes" has been selected for fading, and she doesn't know why, or what has happened to her family. Her main concern is her boyfriend, Grayson, and if he is ok. But when she is given her cover identity she becomes enamored with Jack, her protector & cover boyfriend. I wish I could have seen the details of them settling into their cover lives, their first kiss, did they sleep in the same room, the awkwardness of living with, and pretending to be in love with, a stranger. But Gow skims over that part. There is plenty of action and detailed fight scenes, along with Celes trying to discover who and what she is.Fade is a fun, easy, read that ends on a cliffhanger, leaving you wanting to jump into book two, Falling.